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Welcome to my website! I want to thank you for taking the initiative to learn more about the person running for the position of Island County Treasurer.  Before we delve into information about me, let’s learn more about the position for which I am a candidate.

The County Treasurer in Washington is the bank, the debt administrator, the property and excise biller and collector, and the investment manager for the County and its junior districts (school, fire, port, water, sewer, cemetery, etc.)

  • The County Treasurer performs as an agent of the state in collecting taxes and providing banking and investment services for local municipal entities.

  • The County Treasurer adheres to state statutes in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

  • As an elected official, the County Treasurer must understand those rules and coordinate with the other offices and departments.

  • State legislative changes occur frequently, and technology advances constantly, so the County Treasurer must adapt in response to comply with the law and take advantages of new efficiencies.

  • The County Treasurer must be available in Coupeville daily as the County Seat.  A Deputy Treasurer has been permanently stationed at the Camano Administrative Building since 2021 to provide service to Camano residents.

  • The County Treasurer, as a hands-on elected official, is an employee with assigned daily responsibilities, a fiduciary, and a protector of the County’s financial assets.

  • The elected official must hold themselves to a personal high standard with good character and high ethics as a figure of public trust

  • The island County Treasurer must be responsible to the County, the districts and the public

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